Web-Based Tool Development for Passenger Claims Portal

Building Legal Services from Scratch for Germany's Premier Passenger Rights Portal


MyFlyRight is a legal technology service company that provides travelers with a convenient way to execute their legal rights for delayed and canceled flights. The company provides services to aviation passengers who were affected by flight irregularities such as flight delays, cancellations, denied boarding, and luggage delays/losses.

Their system allows any passenger to check on whether they are entitled to any compensation, and in cases where they are, MyFlyRight manages the whole claiming process.

They were founded in 2016 in Hamburg, Germany, and are now one of the largest legaltech startups in the country.


The initial web-based tool that customers used to search if they were entitled to compensation was partially functional and had a lack of business case scenarios required to efficiently serve the customers.

MyFlyRight wanted to launch a query form that was interactive and well-structured for the customer. They wanted the frontend and backend processes to correlate with one another.

Myflyright application


At Eltex, we developed the front end and back end of the MyFlyRight website and built a 100+ screen multi-step wizard and the corresponding backend, containing and executing the full business logic of the query tool. 

The Eltex team handled all aspects of the development process, making all necessary adjustments to both the frontend and backend of the website. The team also engineered the query and database structure of the web-based tool for customers.

EltexSoft continues to work with MyFlyRight, making adjustments to the website and the tool.


Quick, scalable, and user-friendly, the web-based tool has been one of the cornerstones of success for MyFlyRight. It also provided the basis for the next engineering steps and long-term project support, from 2017 until now.

With the new tool in 2018, MyFlyRight has served over 15,000 customers all over the world, securing a compensation volume of more than 10 million €.

Tech Stack & team size:

2 PHP/full stack, 1 HTML/CSS, 1 frontend (Angular, Vue), PM, QA


“Their team is humble and reliable. They always have the project under control and never over-promise or let me down. They are proactive in terms of suggesting new ideas and making helpful improvements.”

  • Igor Maas, CEO of MyFlyRight

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