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Creating an MVP for a B2B/C EdTech Marketplace, Connecting Students & Tutors


HeyTutor is a web-based platform that enables students, tutors, and agencies to connect in real-time. Students are able to connect with a tutor with the assistance of Heytutor's "smart match" technology. HeyTutor is committed to providing the best tutoring service for students from kindergarten through 12th grade. They accomplish this mission by hiring the best, most adept tutors with backgrounds in a range of subjects and specialties.


HeyTutor was using a simple web-based CRM, and because of its success, they quickly outgrew it and were in need of a much more intuitive and complex platform. They needed to automate the matching of students and tutors by building a tutoring marketplace, allowing tutors and students to find each other based on profiles and filters, arrange a meeting, and process lesson payments. While the V1 of the product was built, students and tutors still heavily relied on manual matching and an in-person chat.


After HeyTutor built out the wireframes and design, and the V1 was built, EltexSoft took over and developed the front and back end of the HeyTutor marketplace platform. 

Eltexsoft worked on a complex integration of web, email, and SMS-based notifications, and a buildout of mobile apps (iOS, Android), with a push notifications feature.

The platform now has dashboards, billing and scheduling tools, and a more complex CRM. It also now consists of web apps and accompanying native mobile applications (iOS, Android).

The development of the new platform took one year, but HeyTutor has stayed Eltexsoft’s long-term client due to the success of the partnership and they’re continuously adding new features to the platform.



With the new platform, students now have a very convenient way to get matched (through the smart match system) and tutors have started receiving additional notifications encouraging them to apply for a job. 

Tech Stack & team size:

4 PHP/full stack, 2 frontend (Vue+HTML/CSS), 2 PM and BA, 2 QA, DevOps, designer


“The platform has grown into a multimillion-dollar business. Instead of just implementing directions, EltexSoft provided their own recommendations and went above and beyond to make the project a success, while their all-around, highly skilled team made them a go-to partner.”

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