Development of Generative AI-powered assistant platform

Advancing AI-Powered Personal Assistant Services with Generative AI Technology


Byron started in 2016 with an idea to make the life of C-level executives easier by providing them with an AI-powered interface, which delegates C-level tasks to personal assistants working remotely. 

Byron now is an on-demand assistant platform built for individuals and teams who need more time. It allows users to quickly submit requests, create rules, manage tasks, and automatically track them, saving hours of time by using AI automation tools. Their system provides highly educated human assistants that handle each task assigned. 


The MVP of Byron was engineered by a freelancer, it had no architecture and a large amount of issues and bugs. After the freelancer left, the founder of Byron was left with unfinished code and he needed to find a brand-new development team. He also needed to do a full-scale code review.

Even though it had its issues, the MVP proved that there was a demand for a product like Byron.

The Eltex team picked up this project right after the initial MVP stage, finishing the development of the front and back end of the platform. After two months of reengineering and working through the MVP bugs, the product was running smoothly.

EltexSoft team completed all remaining coding tasks for the unfinished MVP, conducting a full-scale review, adding feature additions, and QA testing. 

EltexSoft continues to work with Byron to provide backend improvements and functionality enhancements to ensure the platform is running as smoothly as possible with no bugs or issues. 

Byron application


After working on the project for only two months, the app was running well enough to get Byron’s first paying customers. 

Since its public beta launch, the functional platform has experienced 65% growth each month thanks to its stable performance.

Due to the app, Byron has become one of the best and most prominent AI-powered personal assistant services in the US.

Tech Stack & team size:

3 PHP/Python, 1 frontend (Angular), QA, PM


“They’re a core part of my business now. There’s nothing I would change about our partnership. They’ve already adapted to what I needed. I have a project manager that I solely work with, and she’s amazing. We message multiple times every day. Nobody’s dropped the ball, and everybody knows exactly what’s going on.”

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